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Why you NEED video… (tennis improvement)

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Video analysis isn’t just a novel, high-tech fad… it’s an invaluable tool for tennis improvement, and can help you identify and resolve critical errors in your technique. The best part? You can start right NOW.

Here’s some gear to get you started:

Phone tripod mount:
Tablet tripod mount:

Ready to maximize your forehand power, spin, and accuracy??

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5 Days To A Killer Forehand:

5 Days To Your BEST Backhand Ever:

Crushing Forehand Power Tennis Lesson:

Kick Serve Drills For HUGE Spin:

How To Hit HEAVY – Tennis Forehand Lesson:

4 Tips For Perfect Serve Technique

How To STOP Double Faulting!

2 Secrets For Laser Accurate Serves

Tennis Grips Made Easy

3 Biggest Mistakes Tennis Players Make

Singles Strategy, Tactics and Positioning

How To Dominate The Net In Doubles

Roger Federer in Super Slow Motion: –






Google Play:





Slow Motion Camera:

Analysis iPad:


Wireless Mics:

Vlog Camera:

Ball Machine:

Camera Tripod:

Phone Tripod:


Essential Tennis is worldwide leader in digital tennis improvement resources. For over a decade their coaches have been publishing video, audio, and written instruction helping millions of passionate players improve at the game they love.

With content ranging from video lessons, to the first tennis podcast ever published on iTunes, to insightful long form emails giving insight into the improvement process Essential Tennis has the guidance you need to reach your goals and break through to the next level of play.

Their coaches also provide world class in person experiences including group clinics and their exclusive, Milwaukee VIP instructional package.

For more information on lessons, digital training programs, or anything else please send an email to support AT essentialtennis DOT com.


If you can read this you have an impressive scrolling game.


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4 thoughts on “Why you NEED video… (tennis improvement)

  1. I agree with the use of video 100%! Without it, it’s harder to improve. Seeing is understanding both for coach and player. I wanted to use video to something I saw in your Ask Ian #30. Here it is: Your buddy Ramon Osa points out that the ideal contact point for groundstrokes is with the hitting arm at a 45-degree angle to the hips, with the arm(s) extended. The 45-degree angle with extension is the same for forehand, or backhand, one handed, or two-handed. Whether or not the player’s eyes are absolutely locked onto the point of contact varies, as you say, but in general, most high-level players are watching the racquet hit the ball. The importance of the 45-degree contact point on groundstrokes is, this is the exact point where the racquet head is changing from a forward motion to an arcing, rotational motion across the body. This moment of directional change is what influences the racquet face angle and angular contact with the ball, imparting both forward velocity and spin on the ball. The ability to time a shot, backhand or forehand, to strike the ball at this rotational changing point is what creates the heavy ball struck by the top players. Whether, or not the player’s eyes are locked onto the racquet head at the moment of contact is a contributing, but secondary factor in how well the groundstroke shot is struck and what is the result. Teach a player to time the striking of forehand and backhand shots at this arm(s) extended, 45-degree to the hips point correctly and consistently and you have taught them the largest part of playing tennis well. Watch slo-mo video and you’ll see. Most well struck shots, both forehand and backhand, fit this model.What do you think? Does video prove this?

  2. Beginnersintermediate players should be careful with the overuse of video recording to correct their strokes. They will start to focus on many tiny details and overwhelm themselves with tons of instructions.

  3. I’ve been teaching my doubles partner server lately… Coach’s Eye has been essential in helping her visualize and attack her problems efficently

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