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In this video, we use DOG FOOD to catch my personal best grass carp! It was insane watching this beast for 5 minutes, while she was only feet away from me! Eventually she takes the bait!

We caught this monster on 4 lb line, and a tiny hook. Thankfully the fish took off strong, what a great release!

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Stay tuned, HUGE bluegill video coming on Thursday!

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11 thoughts on “This GOLF COURSE has some CRAZY BIG FISH!!

  1. You should try this lake in spring tx wind rose neighborhood do you recommend beneful and how do you hook the foot on

    1. I use a tiny little j hook and it actually stays on pretty well. just right through the middle. You will have to use very light line, like 4 or 2 lb for it to cast any distance at all tho!

  2. We don’t have carp where I live, but when I go down to Ohio on Grand Lake I never pass up the opportunity. Can catch grass and commons half my size

    1. haha thats so much fun man, how do you catch them? I feel like all of my carp fishing is about as basic as it gets.

    1. +Ty PigPatrol And so you don’t get mad at me…. I learned how to handle them after that day. The pic is one of the average sized ones.

    2. +Ty PigPatrol The ranch I go to has dolphin sized carp. Not sure what kind. They are longer, but don’t have that belly. I’ll send you a pick if you can tell me what kind it is.

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