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5 thoughts on “THE MOST HATED MAN IN GOLF.

  1. Hey you look like you were getting very emotional towards the end of that video. Hahaha. Getting back to Sirius chat. Did you ever think of playing a mini 2 or something professional wise in your golf. And before you say bullocks to that it will be just too yourself maybe you might become a new Rory McIlroy.I do be banging my head against the wall when I see you stand up on the tea box and his a for iron as sweet as a nut I went to the driving range today just to see if I can get some more freedom and I am struggling to try and get wrist cock on the top of my back swing so I can get more fluency in my swing.

  2. Robin, what’s your opinion on these range finding devices? The next douche bag I see, holding one up to their mince pies whilst standing next to the 150 marker, is getting twated. Simple as.

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