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What kills your tennis serves

In this video i show you a mistake that kills your serves and what you have to do to fix it If you manage to correct this mistake your serves will be helped more than what you imagine Feel free to write me your comments on the comment section below and also

HOW TO Hit the Drop Shot – Tennis Lesson

Click here to become a PlayYourCourt Member and get your custom video coaching: Subscribe so you never miss out on PlayYourCourt's free training videos: Today we show you the proper way to hit a drop shot. This video is for players with a PlayYourCourt rating of 50 to 70.

Backhand Volley Swing Path (tennis lesson)

Our recent student was having some trouble with a tight, choppy and unreliable backhand volley (maybe that sounds familiar). Here's how we helped her adjust her contact point and extension for a smoother, more consistent net game... ———————————— Ready to maximize your forehand power, spin, and accuracy?? Register for our FREE Forehand Masterclass

Why you NEED video… (tennis improvement)

Video analysis isn't just a novel, high-tech fad... it's an invaluable tool for tennis improvement, and can help you identify and resolve critical errors in your technique. The best part? You can start right NOW. Here's some gear to get you started: Tripod: Phone tripod mount: Tablet tripod mount: GoPro: ———————————— Ready to