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Golf Swing Tip: Weight Shift

Use this full swing drill to help you with weight shift through the golf swing. Practice it anywhere just using a club! Demonstrated by Monica Stratton, Head PGA Professional at Carlsbad Golf Center. This drill is great for maintaining the golf "triangle" with your arms and chest when rotating the

Rickie Fowler | Slow Motion Wedge Shot | Golf Ryder Cup

Rickie Fowler Slow Motion Wedge Approach Shot | At the 2018 Ryder Cup championship Europe | Match - Play Team Event -------------------------------------------------------------- major championship golf swings golf championship swings protracer golf swings slow motion golf swings sports golf swings why golf golf the right way golf breaking 80 golf breaking 90 scratch golf under par golf golf putting technique golf chipping technique Players: Michelle Wie,

Do you get Quick in your Golf Swing?

Have you ever watched a golf swing and just knew something was wrong but you couldn’t quite figure out what it was? Maybe it just looked ‘quick’ or the backswing looked jerky… most times you can trace these looks or poor rhythm back to incorrect sequencing of the

日光プレミアゴルフ倶楽部(Nikko Premier Golf Club)

郵便番号:321-1423 所在地:栃木県日光市七里1333 Tel:0288-50-1313 、Fax:0288-53-0272 開場日:1997年9月6日 ホール:18ホール パー72 コース:OUT・IN 距離 : 6,704Y ドラコン推奨:OUT 9、IN 15 二アピン推奨:OUT 3、IN 14 付帯施設 練習場: あり  30Y  8打席 宿泊施設: なし コンペルーム: あり 3部屋 各部屋20名利用可 * 写真出処:楽天GORA *