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Blast Golf – Total Stroke Time

Total Stroke Time is the elapsed time it takes to make a complete putting stroke from the start of the stroke to impact with the ball.

Blast Golf – Loft

Loft is the increase or decrease in Loft (the angle of the putter face relative to the vertical plane) between the start of the stroke and impact with the ball, measured in degrees.Assuming the putter face is flush with the ground during the start of a stroke, pushing your hands

Blast Golf – Tempo

Tempo is the ratio between Backstroke Time and Forward Stroke Time. Ideal Tempo is 2:1.

Blast Golf – Lie

Lie is the increase or decrease in Lie (the angle between the club shaft and the ground) between the start of a stroke and impact with the ball, measured in degrees. Assuming the putter face is flush with the ground at the start of a stroke, lifting your hands will

PGA Tour Pro Scott Stallings and Pro Surfer Golf on Paddle Boards

#PGA Tour Pro Golfer Scott Stallings invites His friend and former Pro Surfer Dave Yearwood golfing. After hitting a few balls Dave comes up with great idea. Considering Scott always makes fun of the way Dave dresses. Dave decides to compromise and dress more like a #golfer but Scott has

Bogey Alerts 2019 – Golf Course Cart Partner Laughing Moments

Bogey Alerts 2019 - Golf Course Cart Partner Laughing Moments Golfers | Golf Course Our cart partner relationship is filled with "laugh out loud" moments. We never know what the course will bring out of us. The golf course has it's way of making us the entertainment while we try to


Have a look at Frodsham's website and check out the video on their homepage 😂 I couldn't recommend the golf course and the venue highly enough. If you're ever around the Chester/Liverpool area it'd be well worth a visit 🙌

Off Season Golf Strengthening Ι Pallof Press

Golfers! Winter is here and that means it’s time to train. This Workout Wednesday, our Titleist Performance Institute Certified Chiropractor Dr. Jeff Belgue demonstrates how to build a strong core that can control outside forces. In this case, rotation. This is a prerequisite skill that will lead into building

Northcliffe Golf Club – Did the Leaf stop the Birdie? 🍂🐦 / Part 1.

Join us for Some Golf for Sam's Birthday, We are playing at the beautiful Northcliffe Golf club situated just above Shipley in West Yorkshire. This course is known for its stunning first tee shot and equally stunning 18th hole. ------------------------------------------- Follow us on Instagram - ------------------------------------------------- The Equipment: Camera - ----------------------------------------------------------- The Music: Song: Ikson - Shadows

Green Mountain Golf Tip of the Day: Putting

You know what they say: drive for show, putt for dough. David Bowyer, Head Pro at Green Mountain National Golf Course in Killington, Vermont, shows you a tip that's sure to make you some dough.

Dynamic Balance for a Strong Golf Swing | Game Improvement | 18Birdies

18Birdies Instructor Nicole Cavarra explains why good balance is the foundation on which all good golf swings are built and shows you a quick tip to improve yours! With good balance, your swing can stay on-plane, your weight is properly distributed, and your chances of delivering the clubface squarely back

OVER THE TOP golf swing A DRILL to fix

This drill is a simple way to stop that "over the top" action in the golf swing. Never slice it again! Check out my articles in Bunkered magazine Subscribe for free Follow me on twitter Like me on Facebook


How your golf iron should sit, if you'd like me to discuss future ideas make sure to comment below. This video outlined how the club should sit at impact and how the bending of the shaft dictates the impact position. You Tube- Jamie Allan Golf Facebook- Jamie Allan Golf Instagram- Jamie Allan

GoPro Golf – Deangate Ridge Course Vlog (2nd April 2017)

A short video (shot on GoPro Hero 5 Sessions) of my round at my local golf course - Deangate Ridge. Played ok. Irons and wedges were good, however my driving was poor due to poor swing path and open club face. Something I need to continue to work on. Check out