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Mark Crossfield answers a Twitter question LIVe in tonights AskAGG from his studio in Devon. Mark talks golf games and who has the best golf game. If we could choose any parts of each other golf game which parts would we choose and why.

Golf Pad TAGS for iPhone – set up instructions

Know how far you hit each club and a lot more with Golf Pad TAGS. This video will help you get started using the tags with your iPhone. You will be ready to play in minutes. NOTE: As of 11.1.18 iPhone compatible TAGS are in BETA and not yet publicly

Single Plane Golf Swing – Single Plane Experience 2018

Single Plane Golf Swing - Single Plane Experience 2018 Learn more about the Single Plane Experience here: Learn more about the Inner Circle Membership here: The Inner Circle: Learn how to swing exactly like Moe Norman did. You can start with five FREE lessons by clicking the following link. Contact us for the

Celebrate Wish Month on WGT | WGT Golf

Join us in celebrating Wish Month right now, in support of Make-A-Wish® by buying the new, limited-time Make-A-Wish virtual golf balls or ball effects in the Pro Shop! Choose to get a sleeve of vapor balls or ball effects (or both – whatever best fits your game!) and WGT will