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Disc Golf Nerd ThanksGiveaway

Enter to win a Garrett Gurthie Tour Series Sonic. Just make sure you are subscribed and then fill out this Google form:

Trolla Open – Disc golf competition 2018

Trolla open disc golf competition 2018 Competetors of OB: Mats, Stian, Martin, Sivert, Jarle Edited by: August Elvevold Sound by: Sivert Grande & August Elvevold Music from and

Inparcerated – A Historic Disc Golf Experience

Temporary 18 hole layout inside the historic old Joliet Prison in Joliet, IL. First ever disc golf event held inside a prison! Presented by Dellwood Disc Golf Song: GoSoundtrack - See You Tomorrow

Disc Golf Adventures Vol. 1

I bought a new GoPro Hero5 a couple of weeks ago and finally got a chance to get some footage and do some editing after a long week of midterms. Leave a comment and like if you enjoy!

Teemu Pietarinen Disc Golf in the Bag 2018

Amateur player Teemu Pietarinen #80649 shows what he is carrying in his bag for the 2018 disc golf season. Whole in the bag talk filmed with first take so bear with me. Big thanks to Arto Pöppönen for the awesome drone shots.

Physics of Flight Episode 2: Weight Shift | Disc Golf Instructional Video

Seth's videos: Seth's Facebook Page: Danny explains how a proper weight shift adds accuracy and power. Seth Munsey also drops by to explain how a proper weight shift reduces the chance of injury. Danny works with Robert McCall, Eric McCabe, Denise Cameron, Corey Obermeyer, and Seth Munsey to break

2018 Disc Golf Experience at Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City, MO

Steve, Nate and Evan head down to Kansas City, MO for the Disc Golf Experience at Arrowhead Stadium, hosted by Dynamic Discs, June 16, 2018. Filmed at Bad Rock Creek DGC in Liberty, MO and Arrowhead Stadium Kansas City, MO. Special thanks to Jeremy Rusco, Doug Bjerkaas, Eric McCabe and the entire

Disc Golf Experience at Arrowhead Stadium

Dynamic Discs setup a 9 hole course at Arrowhead stadium (home of the Kansas City Chiefs.) Kansas City is known for having the loudest fans in the NFL and one of the largest disc golf communities in the world. They put on an awesome event. We got

Ghost on disc golf course?

Was there a ghost? who knows? have fun enjoy life and my stupid video!!!! Subscribe!!! Follow !!!! IG: run_the_chains