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How To Pick The Right Goalie Stick Size | GoPro Hockey Goalie [HD] – GAME 16

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I never realized I was using the wrong size stick until now.

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9 thoughts on “How To Pick The Right Goalie Stick Size | GoPro Hockey Goalie [HD] – GAME 16

  1. Turns out some of you where right, I was using a stick that was too big. I had a 27″ paddle but in this game I try out a 26″ composite. How do you choose which size paddle to get?

    1. The Puck Stops Here, I’m only a teen but we’re taught to create a 90 degree angle on our blocker side elbow, to do that in our stance we lift our stick off the ice, expoing more of the five hole, however when we drop in our butterfly our stick has more freedom to direct pucks to the corner. Look it up for clarification Cause I feel u won’t understand what I just said.

  2. 8:20 it could also be because u play fingers up, I used to have that happen to me a lot because I would default go down

  3. Stick sizing is often a VERY personal thing and lots of things get involved. Two VERY differently sized goalies may use the same sized stick, or two goalies that are the same size may use very different sticks. Also measurements are not always consistent between manufacturers. There are a couple of things that are pretty consistently true though. A shorter paddle translates to a deeper stance. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on a lot of factors. Also, if the tape on your stick is wearing at the heal, the stick is a) too long for how you stand, or b) you’re carrying it too close to your body. If the tape is wearing at the toe, the inverse is true. If it’s wearing in the middle or uniformly across its length then you’ve found the right balance.

    Another thing to consider is the shape of the blade which includes curve, openness, and heel shape. A flatter curve means more blade contact with the ice which may (or may not) translate into more stopped pucks. A deeper curve generally translates into more oomph when shooting the puck, but that raises the question how often do I shoot the puck vs how often am I stopping the puck? Openness refers to where and how the blade flares back as it moves out to the toe. More openness means it flares back more. Heel shape is generally either rounded or squared and really is totally a matter of personal feel. I find that a rounded heel is marginally easier to transition to and from paddle down but it’s also possible it’s just my perception.

    That’s the thing, there are no absolute rules for sizing or picking a stick, it’s a matter of feel and understanding what the stick is telling you as you play. I try out different things and different patterns and shapes. I do tend to stick to a 25” paddle (I’m 5’10” tall if that helps in any way) but other than that I try out different things. That said, I pretty much keep going back to my Warrior CR-1’s in a 25” paddle in the Bishop Mid-Curve pattern.

    Just the rambling musings of a goalie who’d rather be on the ice than at his desk working.


    1. This is a great detailed breakdown of what your stick can tell you about whether or not it is the right fit. Thank you for taking the time to share this. I hope everyone who watches the video reads this comment.

      And I agree 100% with you. At the end of the day, it’s all about comfort. If you like a bigger stick and feel good playing with it, great! If you like a smaller stick, then that’s good too. There is not formula to this only rough guidelines that help.

      I think I’m really liking the 26” considering I’m 6,0’ and I don’t think I’ll be going back to a 27”

  4. Hahahaha! The flashing “Subscribe” while cleaning the lens at the end… well played. Also, good game, some money saves for sure.

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