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Homestead 190110 Part1 Vancouver Winter Golf Series #2

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Homestead Farms G.C is a quiet rural town golf course bordered by Washington State,USA and British Columbia,Canada.
Above all, it is favored by many Canadians because of affordable green fees.
Also, unlike golf courses in Canada, the golf courses in Washington State hold monthly tournaments in various formats.
Homestead also organizes tournaments for members every month, and the staff here are all very friendly.
The course layout is not monotonous, and the length is well designed to use most of the clubs in the bag.
In the rainy winter season, the course is a little soggy but green is always better managed than the other courses around.
While most golf courses in Canada run temporary green during the winter season, it is hard to find a place to play in a normal green without temporary green at such a low cost.


Local rule : Lift, Clean and Place in General Area

Drone Video : Willy Scholten

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