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Cheap v Expensive Golf Balls Test!! Golf Monthly

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► Neil Tappin tests two of the cheapest balls he could find against a premium ball to see what the differences are!

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5 thoughts on “Cheap v Expensive Golf Balls Test!! Golf Monthly

  1. Good information with this video. I would like to make just a couple of points as a statistician, the test is flawed because you are introducing a variable i.e. the test method is not consistent ( the tester is human). Also I may be classed as cynical but the chipping and putting was blind editing and I’m sure the cheapest ball hit the flag

  2. I used to play the Wilson Prostaff Max sadly they aren’t around anymore. It was cheap durable and long! Had a hole in one with one back in 08! That was a pro staff nuclear max orange ball!

  3. It just depends on what your used to. If you know how much run out is at any given shot you compensate. Same way you would if its very spiny. Its more about playing the same ball all the time for consistency

  4. So as a high handicap 27 player familiair with losing a ball or 2 I Will continue to use the inesis. I,d like the play the same new ball rather than switch to lake balls.

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